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Soluto is a service that helps people do more with technology.

Soluto is a young, dynamic company that aims to make people fall in love with their technology. We are a product-oriented team focused on helping 300 million customers do more with their devices. We will use any technology or language we can to improve our customers’ lives.
Technology is everywhere today and every average household has various devices (PCs, mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, etc.) but not everyone get the most out of these devices. Soluto is a service that helps people enjoy their digital life and makes technology available and friendly for everyone.

We are part of Asurion, a leading mobile service company. Our team develops applications that serve customers around the world - from San Francisco to London, Tokyo and Melbourne.

How can customers enjoy our service?

Help you retrieve the seventeenth (and perfect) picture of your dog in that sweater, and make sure the undeliverable email is delivered. We make your TV shake hands with the Internet. We're the silent partner in your video editing career, and the reason you can do that thing with the thing that makes beautiful music on your tablet.

  • Customers can reach a knowledgeable support technician with one click in seconds who's there to help answer any question a customer may have about their mobile device or any Wifi enabled device. Want to learn how to connect your phone to your car? Have a problem with your XBox? Got a new phone and want to transfer all of your content? They can help with all of this and more.
  • Customers receive tips and alerts about their devices
  • Customers can support all of their devices (phone, tablet and more) through our service

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